I'm back.

Since we're going to get this stuff fired up again, I want the admins of this site to delete ALL the Cybertooth, Thanatos, Buru and all of my other articles. I am starting new and fresh.

First of all, I want to completely remake my Cybertooth concept. My previous concept, in retrospect, was too unrealistic, impractical, and too edgy. The appearance was a blatant ripoff of the terrortooth but with cybernetics. The backstory was cliche.

I have a new concept for the Cybertooth, and it involves the following:

- The base creature is still reptile-like, but has no natural wings. It has a head resembling that of a theropod dinosaur, and the body is covered in shark-like denticles. I am still deciding on the other features. I want it to be bipedal but I'm worried that might make it too dinosaur-like.

- Cybernetic enhancements for the Cyberteeth include artificial eyes, organs, weapon attachments, artificial limbs, and artificial wings.

- There are two main sub-races of Cyberteeth. The main one, known as the Mokele, are malevolent sapients that almost never contact other races peacefully. The other one, the Buru, are a lot more peaceful, and are at war with the Mokele. Both are basically the same in outward appearance.

- They still have biotechnological weapons, but these are mainly pathogenic microbes. They still create "monsters", but these are few and far between.

What do you guys think?

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